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We are passionate investors. We want our investments to enable the realization of meaningful and ambitious business ventures.

We find meaning in our work by focusing on one of the most delicate stages in the life of a company: the transition (from a founding team) to the next generation. We are able to succeed by combining our unique expertise with the capital necessary to ensure the transaction creates the foundation for the next stage of growth. Successful transitions require:

Identifying and teaming-up with top talent.

We have identified and teamed up with exceptional talent who are ready to support a transition and to supplement management when needed.

Creating sustainable value.

By capitalizing on the work and experience of managers personally involved in each company we finance, we ensure the conditions for a robust and long-term development are present.

Winning together

By offering an innovative and differentiating strategy entirely dedicated to the business takeovers in a transition context, we are aligning the interests of investors, entrepreneurs and teams.

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